December 1979: The Spinners Release "Working My Way Back to You"

Posed portrait of American vocal group the Detroit Spinners. Left to right are Billy Henderson, Jonathan Edwards, Henry Fambrough (top), Pervis Jackson (bottom) and Bobbie Smith in 1980. (Photo by Gems/Redferns)
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The holiday season of 1979 was in full swing when Detroit legends the Spinners released their version of the Four Seasons' 1966 classic, "Working My Way Back to You," in December of that year. 

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Retooling the tune with a symphonic disco-funk groove and showcasing the bass vocals of singer Pervis Jackson, the energetic track danced up the Hot 100 to peak at #2 for for last week of March 1980, and the first week of April 1980. The song that kept the Spinners from #1? Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)."



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(Gilles Petard/Redferns)
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