Motown Spotlight

As you know, during lockdown I embarked on a huge tidy-up of my office, unearthing items I'd forgotten about and re-discovering those I had misplaced.  My photo library still needs urgent attention but did put the drawers of news clippings, magazines and so on in some sort of order.

Happy Birthday Martha Reeves!

Let's start with some good news.  Walt Disney Studios plan to develop a biopic based on Lionel Richie's music.  Apparently, he has an existing relationship with the studios through his role on ABC's American Idol, and sold the pitch to them earlier this year.  The working title is "All Night Long", Peter Chiarelli is the scriptwriter, with Lionel serving as executive producer.  And, th

As life has changed for us all during the past two months or so, and as we've cried incessantly at the tragedy of lost life, we can't help but be concerned about the future.  We'll be in a situation we can't control but I've a feeling we'll do the right thing for each other.  I don't know about you, but I've done a lot of listening and reading, while toying around with different book ideas, but top of my list is interacting with people.

Dipping into Motown's earliest releases several names stick out from the others.  I'm not talking about the Satintones, Eugine Remus or Mary Wells, or, over on the Tamla label, the likes of Marv Johnson, The Miracles and Mable John.  But rather the likes of white singers like Debbie Dean, and later on, someone called Connie Van Dyke.