Listen to LeRoy Hutson's Love-Inspired Classics: 'The Curtom Years'

LeRoy Hutson

We Love, oh Love LeRoy Hutson. The former Impressions frontman went solo in '73 with a string of romantic hits , which are newly compiled in The Curtom Years, available for pre-order now on Run Out Groove. The track list is below. 

In 1971, LeRoy Hutson, fresh out of college, had already  been building his storied reputation as a sharp, sophisticated writer and producer for soul behemoths like Donny Hathaway. His next call came from soul authorities The Impressions, recruiting him fill the place of Curtis Mayfield. 

Hutson stepped in as the new lead of the Chicago vocal group, contributing to albums such as 1972's Times Have Changed, before embarking on a funky solo career  through the Curtom label. 

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He re-emerged a groovy loverman in his solo debut album Love Oh Love, developing a cult following with his honey-sweet vocals and tales of lost love. 

Combining Hutson's groundbreaking Curtom recordings is the new vinyl release Leroy Hutson - The Curtom Years, which includes 8 never-before-heard bonus studio recordings from 1977-1979. Limited edition (based on pre-orders) and individually numbered, the set comes remixed and remastered set, with deluxe packaging bundling new artwork and liner notes. Pre-order yours today here!


Leroy Hutson - 'The Curtom Years' Track Listing

Side A: Curtom Studio Tracks 1972-1973

1 So In Love With You 2:58 (1972)

2 As Long As There’s Love Around 3:12 (1972)

3 When You Smile 4:18 (1973)

4 Love Oh Love 3:48 (1973)

5 Time Brings On A Change 4:39 (1973)

6 I’m In Love With You Girl 2:40 (1973)

Side B: Curtom Studio Tracks 1974-1976

1 Ella Weez 3:00 (1974)

2 Could This Be Love 3:03 (1974)

3 Lucky Fellow 5:03 (1975)

4 I Think I’m Falling In Love 3:37 (single version) (1976)

5 Love The Feeling 2:53 (1976)

6 I Do, I Do (Want To Make Love To You) (1976) 3:26

Side C: (1977 unreleased masters)

1 Wisdom of My Life 5:50 (4/27/77)

2 Trust My Heart 3:53 (4/20/77)

3 You Can Be A Winner 5:14 (9/6/77)

4 Thank You 6:25 (4/27/77)

Side D: (1979 unreleased masters)

1 Can’t Help Feeling This Way 5:22 (7/23/79)

2 All I Need 4:06 (2/26/79)

3 Desert Sand 4:25 (2/28/79)  

4 Don’t Leave 5:21 (2/28/79)


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