SOULFUL SPLENDOR, VOL. 1 (SoulMusic Records/Warner X)

Soulful Splendor Vol. 1

SOULFUL SPLENDOR, VOL. 1 is an 11-track digital album of wonderful smooth grooves and quiet storm ballads including first-time release of tracks by Brandon Wattz and David Lasley along with handpicked cuts from the SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Recordings' catalog by renowned artists such as The Stylistics, Maurice White, Terry Dexter & Johnny Manuel, Brenda Holloway (with Rags Moody III), Lenny Williams, Little Anthony and Larry Graham, along with a standout cover of a Heatwave classic by Pharaoh's Dream and an original by notable singer/songwriter Angel Rose.

Track listing:

1.  Brandon Wattz: Like Learning How To Fly                          
2.  The Stylistics:  Shoulder                              
3.  Angel Rose:  U Live In My Heart                               
4.  Maurice White:  Laid Back Aphrodisiac                          
5.  Terry Dexter & Johnny Manuel: I Remember                         
6.  Brenda Holloway & Rags Moody III:  Same Page                         
7.  Lenny Williams:  Has Anybody Seen My Heart                 
8.  David Lasley: I Just Wanna Know U                      
9.  Little Anthony: Just Like It Was Yesterday                           
10. Pharaoh's Dream:  All You Do Is Dial                          
11. Larry Graham:  Eternal Love 



All tracks produced by Preston Glass except track 7, produced & arranged by Alan Glass; track 10, produced by David Nathan & Preston Glass; and track 11, produced by Preston Glass & Larry Graham
Tracks 1, 8, all instruments and tracks 8, 10, backing vocals : Preston Glass

1.  Brandon Wattz: Like Learning How To Fly         
Written by Preston Glass
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI) 
2.  The Stylistics: Shoulder             
Written by Preston Glass & Laundon Von Kendricks
Associate producer: Joel Jaffe
Published by Embassy Music (BMI)
Lead Vocal: Russell Thompkins Jr. 
All Keyboards, Sitar & Drums & Percussion: Preston Glass 

3.  Angel Rose:    U Live In My Heart 
Written by Angel Rogers, David Peter Nathan, Preston Glass, Mike & Kriss Sides
Published by Set Tu Music, Mike and Kriss Sides Music, Platinum Garage (BMI) & David Peter Nathan (PRS)           
Background Vocals & Vocal Arrangement: Angel Rose
Acoustic Guitar:Romeo Vinsconi
All Other Instruments: Preston Glass
4.  Maurice White: Laid Back Aphrodisiac    
Written by Maurice White &  Preston Glass
Published by Maurice White Music (ASCAP) & Platinum Garage (BMI)
Backing Vocals: Preston Glass & Maurice White
Guitar: Phil Gates
All other instruments & arrangement: Preston Glass                      

5.  Terry Dexter & Johnny Manuel: I Remember     
Written by Preston Glass & Narada Michael Walden
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI) & Narada Michael Walden Music (ASCAP)
Backing Vocals: Terry Dexter & Johnny Manuel
Drums: Johnny Sandoval
Bass: Larry Antonino
Guitars & Sitar: Duane Neillson
Keyboards & Effects: Preston Glass
String Arrangement: Preston Glass 
6.  Brenda Holloway & Rags Moody III: Same Page    
Written by Preston Glass, Rags Moody III & Brenda Holloway
Published by Platinum Garage, Art Moods Productions & Brenda Holloway Music (BMI) 
All Instruments & Arrangement: Preston Glass 
7.  Lenny Williams: Has Anybody Seen My Heart     
Written by Alan Glass & Gary Benson
Published by BMG Music Int. & Forever Music (BMI) 
Executive Producer: Preston Glass
Background Vocals: Tim Bell
Sitar: Preston Glass
All other instruments: Alan Glass 
8.  David Lasley: I Just Wanna Know U         
Written by Susan Therese
Published by Fides Publishing Inc. (BMI)   
9.  Little Anthony: Just Like It Was Yesterday         
Written by Thom Bell, George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam 
Published by Bellboy Music & Boy Meets Girl Music (BMI) 
Backing Vocals: Phillip Ingram, Thom Bell, George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam
Piano: George Merrill
Additional Keyboards: Preston Glass
Sitars & Guitars: Duane Neillson
Bass: Larry Antonino
Drums: Lance Lee
String Arrangement: Lloyd Barry     
10. Pharaoh's Dream: All You Do Is Dial 
Written by Rod Temperton
Published by Almo Music Corp./ Rodsongs (ASCAP) 
Lead Vocals: David Nathan
Background Vocals: Preston Glass
Percussion: Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas
Saxophone: Craig Thomas
All other Instruments & Arrangement: Preston Glass     
11. Larry Graham: Eternal Love    
Written by Larry Graham & Preston Glass
Published by Graham-O-Tunes and Platinum Garage (BMI) 
Backing Vocals: Tina Graham & Larry Graham
All instruments & Arrangement: Preston Glass     

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: David Nathan & Preston Glass
Engineered by Preston Glass, Matt Rohr, Alan Glass, Dave Rideau, Michael McDonald, Joel Jaffe, Don Tittle
Studios: ‘the hang’ Los Angeles, CA., Private Island Audio, Los Angeles, CA., Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA., Ari Rios Studio, San Rafael, CA.,
Studio D Recording, Sausalito, CA., Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.
Cover Art: Bill McIntosh
Special Thanks:  All the musicians, vocalists and artists, Gina Glass





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