THE SPINNERS: 'Leap Year Extra' (SoulMusic Records/Warner X)

The Spinners - Leap Extra Year

The legendary Spinners have secured themselves a special place in soul/R&B music history,  and as a result, there remains a global craving for everything they ever recorded  including the three amazing unreleased recordings that comprise the 2020 "Leap Year Extra Maxi Single"!  In the 1990’s, award-winning producer Preston Glass got together with Bobby Smith, Henry Fambrough, Billy Henderson, Pervis Jackson and John Edwards to record these wonderful original tracks that showcase the lead vocals and soulful harmonies long associated with this famed Detroit group.


All tracks:
Produced by Preston Glass 
Lead & Backing Vocals: THE SPINNERS - John Edwards (leads), Henry Fambrough, Bobby Smith, Pervis Jackson, Billy Henderson except "Put The Romance Back," lead vocals by John Edwards and Henry Fambrough
Guitars: Carl Burnette
All other instruments: Preston Glass 
Vocals Recorded  in 1991 at United Sound, Detroit MI
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Maddog studio, Venice, CA
Written by Noel T. Closson, Cliff Dawson & Steve Birch

Written by Preston Glass 

Written by Preston Glass 


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