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The Stylistics are renowned for their vocal harmonies and LOVE IS BACK IN STYLE is a testament to the timeless quality of their artistry. The group - known for such classics as "Betcha By Golly Wow," "You Are Everything" and "You Make Me Feel Brand New" - first came to prominence in 1971 working with Thom Bell, the legendary producer, songwriter and arranger, one of the architects of Philly Soul.  In 1994, three original members of the group  (Russell Thompkins, Airrion Love and Herb Murrell) cut this wonderful album with Preston Glass, a protege of Thom Bell at the outset of his own career. 

Available for the first time digitally, the original 1994 CD release prompted the following comments in an All Music Guide review: "A few tracks into this and you'll think you're listening to a reunion of the Stylistics and Thom Bell...This one...surrounds the group with elegance and first-class Philly songs and arrangements. Russell Thompkins' effortless falsetto never sounded better, and the same is true for Herb Murrell, and Aiiron Love, whose deeper register takes "Love Can Heal a Wounded Heart" to lofty heights. There are too many single out favorites, but if you enjoyed the early Stylistics, you'll love this well-crafted and well-executed gem."




All songs written by Preston Glass, except All songs written by Preston Glass, except "Shoulder" and "Love Can
Heal A Wounded Heart" written by Preston Glass & Laundon Von Kendricks and "Keeping You To Your Promise" written by Felton Pilate, and "Where Do You Run" written by Larry Batiste & Andre Pessis

1. I Once Had A Love 
2. She's All That 
3. Shoulder 
4. Keeping You To Your Promise 
5. Right Face, Wrong Mind 
6. Have You Ever Been In Love? 
7. Go 
8. Where Do You Run 
9. Love Can Heal A Wounded Heart 
10. You Must Love Loneliness- Preston Glass 

PRODUCED BY Preston Glass
Associate Producers: Joel Jaffe, Fred Pittman, Larry Batiste, Andre Pessis
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: David Nathan & Preston Glass




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