SoulMusic Records-Digital in association with Platinum Garage Recordings is excited to present a second volume of Captivating Grooves, an 11-track digital release follow up to the popular  first volume. The digital album is released on November 25, 2022 and available on all major digital platforms worldwide, distributed by Warner X.

Included are renowned artists such as Maurice White, Ron Tyson, Chubby Tavares, The Spinners, Lamont Dozier, The Stylistics, Jermaine Lockhart, The Dramatics (ft. Rio), Pharaoh’s Dream (ft. David Nathan) and primary producer/songwriter and artist in his own right, Preston Glass.  Check out this celebration of smooth groove tunes, another winning compilation of great soul music!




Tracks 1,3, 5, 7, 8,  Written by Preston Glass
Tracks 2, 8, 11, Produced by Preston Glass

1. Ron Tyson: Bluer Shade Of Blue
Produced by Preston Glass, Co-Produced by Ron Tyson
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI)
Lead & Backing Vocals – Ron Tyson
All rhythm instruments, additional backing, vocals & string arrangement – Preston Glass

2. Chubby Tavares: If It’s Written In The Stars
Written by David Nathan & Preston Glass
Published by ST Music LLC (PRS) & Platinum Garage (BMI)
Backing Vocals – Brandon Wattz
All Instruments & String Arrangement: Preston Glass

3. Preston Glass (feat. Rappin’ 4-Tay): Word On The Street
Produced by Preston Glass, Co-Produced by Joel Jaffe
Published by Embassy Music Corp. & Songs Of Universal, Inc. (BMI)
Lead Vocals: Preston Glass & Rappin 4-Tay (rap)
Background Vocals – Jeannie Tracy
All Instruments – Preston Glass

4. Dance Like A Mother: I Like It Hot
Produced by Preston Glass & Randy Jackson
Executive Producer – Narada Michael Walden)
Written by Preston Glass, Narada Michael Walden & Melissa Ritter
Published By Embassy Music Corp. (BMI); Gratitude Sky Music (ASCAP) & Dance Like A Mother Inc (PRS)
Lead & Backing Vocals: Dance Like A Mother (Jenny Mathias & Melissa Ritter)
Keyboards & Drum Programming – Preston Glass
Additional Keyboards: Walter Afanasieff
Drums: Narada Michael Walden, Greg Gonaway
Bass: Randy Jackson
Guitar: Melissa Ritter
Saxophone: Marc Russo
Male Backing Vocals: Preston Glass

5. Pharaoh’s Dream (Ft. Jermaine Lockhart): Like Learning How To Fly
Produced by David Nathan & Preston Glass
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI)
Lead Vocals: David Nathan
Flutes: Jermaine Lockhart
All Rhythm Instruments: Preston Glass

6. Lamont Dozier: Keep Climbing
Produced by Preston Glass & Lamont Dozier
Written by Lamont Dozier & Preston Glass
Published by Dozier Music (BMI), Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp.(BMI) & Permanent Groove Music (BMI)
Lead & Backing Vocals – Lamont Dozier
All Instruments/Track Arrangement – Preston Glass

7. The Spinners: Classic
Produced & Arranged by Preston Glass
Published by Embassy Music Corp. & Songs of Universal (BMI) & Grand Cherry Marling Music (BMI)
Lead Vocals: John Edwards
Backing Vocals: Pervis Jackson, Bobbie Smith, Henry Fambrough, Billy Henderson
Guitar: Carl Burnette
All other instruments: Preston Glass

8. Jermaine Lockhart: Back To The Sunshine
Executive Producer – George Benson
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI)
Saxophone – Jermaine Lockhart
Backing vocals – Jacnique Nina
All other Instruments & String Arrangement – Preston Glass

9. The Dramatics (ft. Rio): I Waited Patiently
Produced by Fred Pittman & Preston Glass & Rick Appling
Written by Preston Glass, Fred Pittman, Rio & Rick Appling
Published by Permanent Groove (BMI), Da Pitt Bull Kat (BMI) & Appling Publishing (BMI)
Lead Vocals: The Dramatics (LJ Reynolds & Ron Banks), Rio (Rap parts)
All Instruments: Preston Glass

10. The Stylistics: Where Do You Run
Produced by: Larry Batiste, Andre Pessis & Preston Glass
Written by: Larry Batiste & Andre Pessis
Published by Pure Delete (BMI); Bob-A- Lew Music (ASCAP) & Endless Frogs Music (ASCAP)
Lead Vocals: Russell Thompkins Jr.
Backing Vocals: Herb Murrell & Airrion Love
All Instruments: Larry Batiste

11. Maurice White: I Couldn’t Be Me Without You (2022 Remaster)
Written by Preston Glass & Maurice White
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI) & Maurice White Music (ASCAP)
Lead vocals: Maurice White
Backing Vocals: Preston Glass & Maurice White
All Instruments: Preston Glass

Executive Producers: David Nathan & Preston Glass
Engineered by: Preston Glass, Joel Jaffe, Reggie Dozier, Paul Klingberg, Felix Cardonia, Don Tittle……
Studios – ‘the hang’ Los Angeles, CA, Private Island Audio, Los Angeles, CA, Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, Studio D Recording, Sausalito, Ca., Magnet Vision, Santa Monica, CA
Recorded at “the hang” studio, Los Angeles
Cover Art: Preston Glass, David Nathan (with Marc Blake)
Special Thanks:  All the musicians, vocalists and artists, Gina Glass……