SoulMusic Records is proud to present ‘In The Name Of Love’, a musically masterful collection of expanded edition of the five albums by the incomparable Grover Washington, Jr, specifically covering his tenure with Elektra Records from 1979-1984.

Produced by SoulMusic Records’ founder David Nathan, with first class mastering by Nick Robbins and stellar artwork by Roger Williams, ‘In The Name Of Love’ features 19 single edits assembled for the first time including the ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides of Grover’s US charted hits between 1979-1984.

With insightful and informative commentary on each album by renowned UK journalist/essayist and author Charles Waring with quotes from famed Philadelphia producer/songwriter Dexter Wansel (who worked with Grover on his ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ LP) plus personal comments from two of today’s acclaimed saxophonists, Najee and Gerald Albright – who consider Grover (who passed away in 1999 at the age of 56) a major influence and inspiration along with photos from their personal collections.

Rightfully considered a pioneer and one of the most influential musicians in the smooth jazz movement that began to emerge in the early ‘70s, Grover’s stellar work as a saxophonist hit a new plateau of popular acceptance with his recordings for Elektra, highlights of which include the million-selling ‘Winelight’ LP featuring the timeless classic ‘Just The Two Of Us’ (featuring renowned singer/songwriter Bill Withers) and ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’, the title track of which features special guest Patti LaBelle.



DISC ONE: Paradise (Expanded Edition)
1 Paradise
2 Icey
3 The Answer In Your Eyes
4 Asia’s Theme
5 Shana
6 Tell Me About It Now
7 Feel It Comin’

Bonus Tracks
8 Tell Me About It Now (Single Edit)
9 Feel It Comin’ (Single Edit)

DISC TWO: Winelight (Expanded Edition)
1 Winelight
2 Let It Flow (For Dr J)
3 In The Name Of Love
4 Take Me There
5 Just The Two Of Us (featuring Bill Withers)
6 Make Me A Memory (Sad Samba)

Bonus Tracks
7 Let It Flow (For Dr J) (Single Edit)
8 Winelight (Single Edit)
9 Just The Two Of Us (featuring Bill Withers) (Single Edit)
10 Make Me A Memory (Sad Samba) (Single Edit)
11 Take Me There (Single Edit)

DISC THREE: Come Morning (Expanded Edition)
1 East River Drive
2 Come Morning
3 Be Mine (Tonight) (featuring Grady Tate)
4 Reaching Out
5 Jamming
6 Little Black Samba (featuring Grady Tate)
7 Making Love To You
8 I’m All Yours

Bonus Tracks
9 Be Mine (Tonight) (featuring Grady Tate) (Single Edit)
10 Reaching Out (Single Edit)
11 Jamming (Single Edit) 12 East River Drive (Single Edit)

DISC FOUR: The Best Is Yet To Come (Expanded Edition)
1 Can You Dig It
2 The Best Is Yet To Come (with Special Guest, Patti LaBelle)
3 More Than Meets The Eye
4 Things Are Getting Better
5 Mixty Motions
6 Brazilian Memories
7 I’ll Be With You
8 Cassie’s Theme (Theme From Cassie & Co.)

Bonus Tracks
9 Brazilian Memories (Single Edit)
10 I’ll Be With You (Single Edit)
11 The Best Is Yet To Come (with Special Guest, Patti LaBelle) (Single Edit)
12 More Than Meets The Eye (Single Edit)

DISC FIVE: Inside Moves (Expanded Edition)
1 Inside Moves
2 Dawn Song
3 Watching You, Watching Me
4 Secret Sounds
5 Jet Stream
6 When I Look At You
7 Sassy Stew

Bonus Tracks
8 When I Look At You (Single Edit)
9 Secret Sounds (Single Edit)
10 Inside Moves (Single Edit)
11 Sassy Stew (Single Edit)