In soulful remembrance, we honour Inez Foxx  (September 9, 1937 – August 25, 2022), best known for her work with her elder brother Charlie from 1964-1967, with three albums including the timeless classic “Mockingbird,” the title track for the duo’s 1964 debut album for Sue Records; the 1966 self-titled LP; and the 1967 album, “Come By Here” for Dynamo Records (produced by Inez’s then-husband renowned producer/songwriter Luther Dixon).   In 1973, Inez recorded one solo album for Volt Records, “Inez Foxx At Memphis”); and deservedly, in 1995 Inez and Charlie were honored at the Sixth Annual Rhythm & Blues Pioneer Awards in Los Angeles.  Rest peacefully, Inez. founder David Nathan’s Personal Reflections

In 1964, as a 16-year old school boy – in the wake of discovering the music of Dionne Warwick – I began my exploration of American R&B.  I worked to earn Saturday pocket money – and promptly spent it on LPs and I recall one of my very first treasured purchases was the “Mockingbird” LP released on the UK version of Sue Records,  spurred on by seeing the brother-and-sister duo in July ’64 on the Friday night-‘must see’ television show, ‘Ready Steady Go!.’  Incredibly through 58 years, along with the ‘Presenting Dionne Warwick’ album, I proudly still possess the original vinyl which is an ever-present reminder of my passion and dedication to the music that has fuelled by life in more ways than I could ever have imagined.  Ever grateful to pioneers like Inez & Charlie for joyful inspiration..