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Distributed by X5/Warners, SoulMusic Records in association with Platinum Garage Recordings is proud to present "Amazing Ride," the third solo album by Chubby Tavares (of the legendary hitmaking family Tavares).  With award-winning music man Preston Glass at the helm for many of the tracks, Chubby's latest musically satisfying set showcases his distinctive vocals on a range of wonderful new material as well as refreshing cover of the Charlie Chaplin classic, "Smile," co-produced by top UK producer Nigel Lowis who also provided a new mix of "Can't Knock Me Down," the title track of Chubby's last CD.  Other highlights include "Music Is Healing," a exciting duet with famed dance music diva Pattie Brooks; the infectious "Kid In A Candy Store"; the inspirational songs, "The Path Of Compassion" (co-written by Chubby) and "Still Blessed"; and the lyrically autobiographical title track.  

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All tracks produced by Preston Glass for Platinum Garage Recordings, except where indicated

1.  Steppin’ Out Tonight
Produced & Arranged by Brandon Wattz
Background Vocals: Brandon Wattz and Chubby Tavares
All Instruments: Brandon Wattz

2.   Still Blessed
Background Vocals and female leads: Gemia Burns
ll Instruments: Preston Glass 

3.   Music Is Healing"  (duet with Pattie Brooks)
Background Vocals: Preston Glass, Chubby Tavares and Pattie Brooks
All Instruments & Track arrangement: Alan Glass, Yannic Fonderie & Preston Glass

4.    Amazing Ride
Background Vocals: Preston Glass & Chubby Tavares
All Instruments: Preston Glass 

5.    Smile
Co-Produced by Nigel Lowis & Preston Glass 
All Instruments: Nigel Lowis

6.   The Path Of Compassion
All Lead & Backing Vocals: Chubby Tavares
All instruments played by: Preston Glass    

7.   Kid In A Candy Store
Produced & Arranged by Brandon Wattz & Preston Glass
Background Vocals: Brandon Wattz and Chubby Tavares
All Instruments: Brandon Wattz & Preston Glass

8.   Gotta Get Back To You
Background Vocals: Preston Glass & Chubby Tavares
All Instruments: Preston Glass 

9.    Can’t Knock Me Down (NL Mix)
Produced by Preston Glass & Nigel Lowis
Background Vocals: Chubby Tavares & Preston Glass
All Instruments: Nigel Lowis 

10.  Generations After You
Backing Vocals: Chubby Tavares 
All Instruments: Preston Glass  

Recorded at: “the hang” studios, Los Angeles, Ca.,/
 BW Live Studio, Sherman Oaks, Ca./ Notting Hill Studio UK
Mixed & mastered at  “the hang” studios, Los Angeles, Ca.,/
(Engineers : Preston Glass & Randy Fine, Brandon Wattz and Nigel Lowis)……
Cover art & Design: Roger Williams
Photography: Faith Rameriz
Special Thanks: David Nathan, Cheri Harris, Gina Glass, Nigel Lowis, 
Brandon Wattz, Gary Van den Busche, Clifton Moseley, Pattie Brooks…..

(c) 2020, SoulMusic Records (SMR)/Platinum Garage Recordings 

I’m always ‘amazed’ when Chubby Tavares opens his mouth to sing; what happens next are always goosebump moments – what a gift he has! It is my pleasure to work on music with Chubby, because like me, music was always a part of his life from a very early age. His journey has truly been an “Amazing Ride” full of rollercoaster ‘highs and lows’, yet he IS “Still Blessed” to share his talents with new generations of fans. He has become “a brother from another mother” to me…..Together, along with all those who participated on this album project, we are proud to take you on this “Amazing Ride” with us!  Thank you Chubby Tavares!!!   -  Preston Glass   (Producer)

 Special thanks from Chubby:  I would like to dedicate “Still Blessed” to my friends and family who have recently passed away – Bartomeu Gomes, Mikala Toni McCane, Derrick Pollard Sr., Shanay, Ryan Dandrea, my great nephew Dwayne Borges, and my grandson Mateo Cruz RIP.

Thank you to the late great Michael Jackson for your rendition of “Smile” – like me, I know that song was a favorite of yours………. Chubby Tavares


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