A Classic Album: Gerald Levert's "Private Line"

Private Line
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This week on My Classic Soul Podcast, join us for a deep dive into Gerald Levert's 1991 album, Private Line. The million-selling-plus album was the launching pad for soul man the late Gerald Levert’s solo career following his success with the group Levert. SoulMusic.com founder David Nathan and renowned entertainment journalist Janine Coveney discuss Gerald’s heritage as the son of Eddie Levert of The O’Jays, his appeal to the loyal female audience he built as a solo artist and the legacy of great soul music he left.

The pair discuss the rich history of Gerald Levert, from his days in the band Levert into his explosive solo career. They talk about how the artist circumvented the idea of what an R&B heartthrob looked like as a plus-sized man.

"He was a big guy, but he was one of those teddy bear, lovable guys. He was nimble on his feet, he could sing, he was charming. He had a great smile. He charmed people wherever he went. In terms of being a romantic idol, my mother used to say there a lid for every pot," laughed Coveney. "Some people like a larger guy. Gerald was bigger than his presentation. That was attractive. He wasn't shy. He wasn't hiding it."

Listen to the conversation below.


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