PHARAOH'S DREAM (ft. David Nathan & Tyler McCrary): Sunny

Pharaoh's Dream-Sunny

Nefer Music International presents the latest digital release by smooth jazz/soul recording group Pharaoh's Dream featuring David Nathan and producer/songwriter Tyler McCrary, a jazz'n'reggae-styled cover of the 1966 pop/soul classic "Sunny" (originally written and recorded by Bobby Hebb).

The new track - produced virtually with Tyler in Los Angeles and David in London - is an inter-generational creation. Recalls David, "Earlier in the year, I knew I wanted to create a new take on the song, "Sunny" which has been a longtime personal favourite.  I reached out to Tyler through my connection with his mother Tammy, the music industry veteran who has worked in artist management (with Chaka Khan) and is the founder of Artistology.  We set up a virtual recording session during the pandemic - and I am thrilled with the result!"  

The August 2021 release is the follow-up to Pharaoh's Dream's successful digital release, "Follow" which features David on vocals and famed saxophonist/flautist Najee.  




Produced and arranged by Tyler McCrary

Lead vocals: David Nathan

All instruments and background vocals:  Tyler McCrary

"Sunny," written by Bobby Hebb, published by Campbell Connelly And Co. Ltd

Cover art & design: Roger Williams

(P) & (C)  2021, Nefer Music International

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