PRESTON GLASS: Cycle Of Chills (SoulMusic Records-Digital/Warner X)

Preston Glass Cycle Of Chills

PRESTON GLASS:  CYCLE OF CHILLS (SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Records), distributed worldwide by Warner X

“Feel good music for the mind, body and soul,” is one apropos way to describe the new album by award-winning music man, Preston Glass,"Cycle Of Chills." This thirteen track collection features body-shaking movers like “I Don’t Need A Dance Floor” and “All Weekend Long” - and smooth, melodic duets “Water When I’m Thirsty” with Rebbie Jackson and “In A Romantic Mood” with Gemia Burns.  


All songs produced by Preston Glass; “I Don’t Need A Dance Floor” (remix) co-produced by Nigel Lowis

  1. All Weekend Long
  2. Soulmate Of Mine
  3. I Don’t Need A Dance Floor (remix)  
  4. Water When I’m Thirsty (w/Rebbie Jackson)
  5. Love Can Never B 2 Sweet
  6. If Tonight Ain’t Right
  7. Cheaters
  8. In A Romantic Mood (ft. Gemia Burns)
  9. The Next One
  10. (Everything Else Comes) Second To Love
  11. A Love Too Good To Follow
  12. On A Day Like Today
  13. I Don’t Need A Dance Floor (original).

All instruments played by Preston Glass except guitar on "Soulmate Of Mine" by Phil Gates, and all instruments on "I Don't Need A Dance Floor (remix)" by Nigel Lowis; all lead & background vocals by Preston Glass except backing vocals on “Water When I’m Thirsty” (by Yashi Brown, Stacey Silas, Rebbie Jackson) and “The Next One” by Gemia Burns.

All songs written by Preston Glass and published by Platinum Garage BMI), except “If Tonight Ain’t Right” written by Loree Gold and Preston Glass , published by Loran Music (ASCAP) and Platinum Garage (BMI) and “In A Romantic Mood” written by Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff and Preston Glass, published by Warner-Tamerlane (BMI) and Platinum Garage (BMI).

Album Executive Producers: David Nathan and Preston Glass

Artwork: Roger Williams


Videos courtesy CDBaby

PRESTON GLASS - In a Romantic Mood (feat. Gemia Burns)

 PRESTON GLASS: Love Can Never B 2 Sweet

PRESTON GLASS:  Water When I’m Thirsty (feat. Rebbie Jackson)


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