Love & Compassion 2

Perfect timing indeed for the release of PRESTON GLASS PRESENTS LOVE & COMPASSION 2, a second volume of original material by award-winning music man Preston Glass (known for his work with so many legendary artists including George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Kenny G, Maurice White, Larry Graham and others).  A companion to LOVE & COMPASSION Vol. 1, this SoulMusic Records' release in association with Platinum Garage Recordings, distributed by Warner X, includes tracks by The Stylistics, Evelyn 'Champagne' King, Melba Moore & Phil Perry, Chubby Tavares, Lamont Dozier, Pattie Brooks and Larry Graham among others.

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Preston Glass Presents Love & Compassion, Vol. 2

Tracks 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, produced & arranged by Preston Glass

1. David Jones II: Love Can Rule The World
Written by David Jones & Preston Glass
Produced & String Arrangement by Preston Glass
Executive Producers: Mike Winchester and Russ Regan
All lead vocals: David Jones II
Backing vocals: Gemia Burns
Drums & percussion: Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas
Bass: Larry Antonino
Acoustic Piano, celeste: Rob Mullins
Guitar & Sitar: Josiah  
2. Lamont Dozier: Keep Climbing
Written by Lamont Dozier & Preston Glass
Produced & Arranged by Preston Glass & Lamont Dozier
All Instruments: Preston Glass & Lamont Dozier
All lead and backing vocals: Lamont Dozier

3. Bishop Wayne: Rise & Fly
Written by Bishop Wayne, Nicole Mitchell & Preston Glass
All Instruments: Preston Glass
Backing vocals: Preston Glass & Bishop Wayne

4. Jacnique Nina:  Put Some Harmony In It
Written by Preston Glass & Jacnique Nina
Guitar: Phil Gates
All Other Instruments: Preston Glass
Lead vocals: Jacnique Nina
Backing Vocals: Brandon Wattz

5.  Evelyn “Champagne” King:  Open Book
Written by Preston Glass, Tony Haynes & Evelyn “Champagne” King
Produced & Arranged by Preston Glass & Joel Jaffe
Strings Arranged by Rick Walsh
Violins: Kathy Marshall, Michelle Maruyama
Viola: Meg Titchener     
Cello: Terry Adams
All Guitars: Freddie Fox
All Other Instruments: Preston Glass 

6. The Stylistics: Change Is Good Sometime
Written by Preston Glass & Greg Lewis
All lead & backing vocals: The Stylistics
All Rhythm Instruments: Preston Glass
Saxophones: Craig Thomas 

7. Angel Rose: One Friend
Written by Preston Glass
All Instruments: Preston Glass
All lead and backing vocals: Angel Rose

8. Eugene Cole: Yesterday’s Gone                                       
Written by Preston Glass, David Nathan, Eugene Cole, Thom Bell & Linda Creed
All Rhythm Instruments: Preston Glass
Horns: Hodge Minera, Cal Rutherford
Lead & Backing vocals: Eugene Cole

9.  Larry Graham: Faraway Places
Written by Larry Graham & Preston Glass
Produced & Arranged by Preston Glass & Larry Graham
All Instruments: Preston Glass
All Lead & backing vocals: Larry Graham

10. Pharoah’s Dream featuring David Nathan:  Ask Somebody
Written by Preston Glass & Susan Therese
All lead & backing vocals: David Nathan & Preston Glass
All Instruments: Preston Glass 

11. Chubby Tavares: Yesterday Don’t Count                                  
Written by Preston Glass & Chubby Tavares
All Instruments: Preston Glass
Lead vocals: Chubby Tavares
Backing vocals: Preston Glass

12. Seabron: So So Beautiful                                 
Written by Preston Glass
All Instruments: Preston Glass
All Lead & backing vocals: Seabron

13. Phil Perry & Melba Moore: Survival Kit
Written by Phil Perry & Preston Glass
Produced by Preston Glass & David Nathan
All Lead & backing vocals: Phil Perry & Melba Moore
Saxophones: Cal Rutherford
All other Instruments: Preston Glass
Licensed courtesy of Shanachie Records

14. Clif Payne: Heaven Is Watching
Written by Preston Glass, Clif Payne, Larry Batiste & Louis Biancanello
Produced & Arranged by Preston Glass & Louis Biancaniello
All lead & backing vocals: Clif Payne
All Instruments: Preston Glass & Louis Biancaniello 

15.  Phillip Brandon: Chocolate Child
Written by Phillip Brandon & Preston Glass
Lead & backing vocals: Phillip Brandon
Horns: Hodge Minera
All Other Instruments: Preston Glass

16.  Pattie Brooks:  Dreamers
Written by Pattie Brooks & Preston Glass
All Lead vocals: Pattie Brooks
Backing Vocals: Gemia Burns & Mya Jade Wooten
All Rhythm instruments played by: Preston Glass   
Saxophone: Cal Rutherford

Executive Producers: Preston Glass & David Nathan

Cover Art & Design: Roger Williams

Engineered by; Preston Glass, Felix Caldonia, Tre, Joel Jaffe, Marc Reyburn, Reggie Dozier

Studios: “the hang” Los Angeles, CA; Private Island Audio, Los Angeles, CA; Studio D, Sausalito, CA; Tarpan Studios, San Rafael, CA

Special Thanks to Private Island Audio; Gina Glass, David Nathan, Roger Williams, Mike Winchester, Lamont & Barbara Dozier, Brett & Rose Watson, Gemia Burns, Bob Thompson, Joel Jaffe, Tom Cartwright, Warren Foster, Jack Bart, Noel T. Closson, Larry & Tina Graham, Johnny Britt, Chubby Tavares, Cheri Harris, Seabron, Randall Grass (Shanachie Records), Clif Payne, Larry Batiste, Klaus Lovgreen, Frank Martin, Louis Biancaniello, Brenda Davis, Doug Brice, Anthony Piazza, Angel Rose, Clifton Moseley, Gary Van Den Bussche and David Case

Copyright © 2020, SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Recordings



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