Mavis Staples

The Staple Singers: Classic Soul 1976 Interview

2021 Introduction: SoulMusic Hall Of Fame two-time inductees, The Staple Singers were basking in having as R&B and pop chart-topper in 1975 with “Let’s Do It Again,” the title track of the Curtis Mayfield-produced soundtrack of the same name. In the spring of 1976, David Nathan caught up with ‘The First Family Of Gospel’ (as they were known back then) to reflect on their success…

Mavis Staples: Five Soulful Solo Tracks

Born July 10, 1939, Mavis Staples began her career as a featured voice in her family’s gospel and R&B band, the Staple Singers. The group - consisting of Staples, her sisters and her father (the great Roebuck “Pops” Staples) - were mainstays of the civil rights movement, carrying that torch while topping the charts with indelible classics like “I’ll Take You There,” “Respect Yourself” and “Let's Do It Again.”