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DORIS TROY: Classic Soul 1974 Interview

2021 Introduction: Honouring the anniversary of her passing in 2004, we remember R&B Foundation Pioneer Awardee Doris Troy, known as ‘Mama Soul’ (and the inspiration for the musical “Mama, I Want To Sing” in which she appeared for many years) and for classic hits such as the timeless classic “Just One Look” and her work with legendary artists such The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Dusty Springfield among many others. David Nathan, a longtime friend, recalls an in person interview with Doris in London….

Albums of Black History: 'A Donny Hathaway Collection'

In all great record collections, curation is everything. Those who put records on their shelves are making a statement - saying something about who they are and what they value. In 1990, just over a decade from Donny Hathaway's tragic passing, A Donny Hathaway Collection helped soul music enthusiasts make a powerful statement, while also helping make an equally powerful statement about the artist himself.