Donny Hathaway

Seven Soulful Picks for Record Store Day 2021

In a sign of good things to come for music lovers, Record Store Day has announced their RSD Drops for 2021! On June 12 and July 17, participating independent record stores around the world will stock up with exclusive rarities and new pressings of old favorites. This year's got a long list of cool titles, but these seven soul favorites will go straight to the top of your shopping list!

Available June 12

Albums of Black History: 'A Donny Hathaway Collection'

In all great record collections, curation is everything. Those who put records on their shelves are making a statement - saying something about who they are and what they value. In 1990, just over a decade from Donny Hathaway's tragic passing, A Donny Hathaway Collection helped soul music enthusiasts make a powerful statement, while also helping make an equally powerful statement about the artist himself.