Nile Rodgers

NORMA JEAN WRIGHT: Classic Soul 1978 Interview

2021 Introduction: From 1977 to 1978, the primary lead vocalist on Chic's global hits was Norma Jean Wright and with Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards masterminding her first solo album, Norma Jean shared with David Nathan in 1978 about an Earth Wind & Fire tryout and a gig with The Spinners prior to her tenure with Chic…

CHIC: Classic Soul 1978 Interview

2021 Introduction: Celebrating an unprecedented number of (5) inductions into The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame with Bernard Edwards (Producer) and ‘C’est Chic’ (Classic Soul Album) in July, the group Chic and its founding members continue to experience global appreciation. In 1978, David Nathan had his memorable first in person encounter with Nile Rogers…

CHIC: Classic Soul 1979 Interview

2021 Introduction: Included in the list of semi-finalists for induction into The SoulMusic Hall Of Fame in the category ‘Classic Soul Album’ is the legendary group Chic for their second groundbreaking LP, “C’est Chic.” As the LP was just beginning to take off as 1978 turned into 1979, Atlantic Records sent David Nathan to Los Angeles to spend a day with Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards and company..

Ask Yourself: Don't Chic Deserve to Be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

On April 8, 2017, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sort of righted a classic wrong by awarding Nile Rodgers an Award for Musical Excellence. The songwriter/producer/guitarist - part of the nucleus of beloved disco group Chic - graciously accepted, but it was not lost on Rodgers nor his countless fans that Chic had made the ballot for Hall of Fame induction 11 times, and never made it in.