Motown Spotlight

Happy birthday Smokey!   We may be a little late but the sentiment remains the same but even more so.

Welcome to the first blog of the new decade! 

When anyone talks about The Supremes the names Diana Ross and Mary Wilson always crop up.  Yet, the group was a trio and so often, the third link remained anonymous or mentioned as a passing reference. However, fans hold all the ladies in high esteem and none more so than Cindy Birdsong who celebrated her 80th birthday recently.  Happy Birthday Cindy!

In this 60th anniversary year, we, as fans, have been treated to several memorable surprises, and I believe the news that – after a couple of false starts – Sondra Williams, known to us all as Blinky, is set to have a compilation released, is another unexpected gift. In fact, when I first got wind of this, I thoroughly checked in with my contacts to ensure it wasn’t another rumour. When the CD artwork and music came through, I knew contacting Blinky was next on the agenda. My exclusive chat between two pals, rather than a history lesson, follows.


It was nearly fifty years ago that this endearing single hit the UK top twenty and I’m listening to it now as it’s the seventh track on “The Essential Collection” by Richard Dean Taylor released in 2001. You got it – “Indiana Wants Me”. Written and produced by the singer, the single shot into the UK top three, and the US top five, where it carried a Rare Earth label.