The Super Deluxe edition of the 1987 album features 63 previously unreleased tracks as well as a concert film from Prince’s legendary vault.

The Prince Estate has unveiled a massive super deluxe reissue for 1987’s Sign O’ the Times, featuring 63 previously unreleased tracks and two complete concert recordings. 

The Super Deluxe Edition, available as an eight-CD or 13-LP set beginning September 25th, comes with the remastered LP, three discs of never-before-heard music from Prince’s legendary vault, a disc of album’s single mixes, edits, and B sides, a full audio version of Prince’s 1987 concert in the Netherlands, and a DVD of Prince’s 1987 New Year’s Eve benefit concert. 

The New Year’s Eve show, which also served as his final performance for Sign O’ the Times, wraps with Prince’s only on-stage collaboration with Miles Davis in a performance of “It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night.” Among the previously unreleased tracks is his studio collaboration with Davis, “Can I Play With U?”.

The Super Deluxe Set also includes a 120-page hardcover book with handwritten lyrics, photos by Jeff Katz and liner notes by Dave Chappelle, Lenny Kravitz and others.

The Sign O’ the Times reissue, available for pre-order now, ships out September 25 as a partnership between The Prince Estate and Warner Records. Pre-order the reissue here. The Prince Estate has also partnered with Third Man Records to release a limited edition seven-inch-vinyl boxed set, containing remastered audio for all four official seven-inch singles released in 1987 as well as the newly created single for the vault release “Witness 4 the Prosecution.”

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Sign O’ the Times Super Deluxe Edition Track list

Remastered Album (CD One)

  1. Sign O’ the Times
  2. Play in the Sunshine
  3. Housequake
  4. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
  5. It
  6. Starfish and Coffee
  7. Slow Love
  8. Hot Thing
  9. Forever in My Life

Remastered Album (CD Two)

  1. U Got the Look
  2. If I Was Your Girlfriend
  3. Strange Relationship
  4. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
  5. The Cross
  6. It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night
  7. Adore

Single Mixes and Edits (CD Three)

  1. Sign O’ The Times (seven-inch single edit)
  2. La, La, La, He, He, Hee (seven-inch single edit)
  3. La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive) (seven-inch single edit)
  4. If I Was Your Girlfriend (seven-inch single edit)
  5. Shockadelica (“If I Was Your Girlfriend” B side)
  6. Shockadelica (12-inch long version)
  7. U Got the Look (Long Look) (12-inch edit)
  8. Housequake (seven-inch edit)
  9. Housequake (7 Minutes MoQuake)
  10. I Could Never Take the Place Of Your Man (fade seven-inch edit)
  11. Hot Thing (seven-inch single edit)
  12. Hot Thing (extended remix)
  13. Hot Thing (dub version)

Vault, Part One (CD Four)

All tracks previously unreleased

  1. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (1979 version)
  2. Teacher, Teacher (1985 version)
  3. All My Dreams
  4. Can I Play With U? (featuring Miles Davis)
  5. Wonderful Day (original version)
  6. Strange Relationship (original version)
  7. Visions
  8. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker (with horns)
  9. Witness 4 the Prosecution (version one)
  10. Power Fantastic (live in studio)
  11. And That Says What?
  12. Love and Sex
  13. A Place in Heaven (Prince vocal)
  14. Colors
  15. Crystal Ball (seven-inch mix)
  16. Big Tall Wall (version one)
  17. Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A
  18. In a Large Room With No Light

Vault, Part Two (CD Five)

All tracks previously unreleased