A SoulMusic.com Exclusive!  Recorded on March 22nd, 2022 in celebration of her birthday on March 23rd, the iconic and legendary Chaka Khan speaks with soul music historian, founder of SoulMusic.com and author David Nathan about his first book of poetry, “Like…The First Time You Heard Chaka Khan!,” a #1 best seller at Amazon, reflects on their 48 years (since 1974) of interviews and conversations. Chaka invites David to read the title poem from the book and they share about their mutual interest in Ancient Egypt (reflected in Chaka’s “Egyptian Song” and David’s references to it in the title poem), Chaka’s upcoming plans and more….

A collection of original poetry, paying homage to the music that has formed the tapestry for award-winning journalist David Nathan’s life journey, “Like…The First Time You Heard Chaka Khan” is available at major online outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, etc.) and is published by Street Angels Books.

Poem titles:

  1. I’m Just A Soul Whose Intentions Are Good – Ode To Dr. Nina Simone
  2. Pink Skin Mask…Or Teena Marie In A Man’s Body…And Thank You Ms. Franklin… R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
  3. Like…The First Time You Heard Chaka Khan!
  4. Would You Have Made Aretha Wait?
  5. Turn It Out …Or Turn The Beat Around 
  6. Night Life – Aretha And Me, ‘67
  7. The Muse Was Heavy On Me, Yesterday
  8. A Waterfall Of Words…
  9. Make Me A Believer Or Instant Love Or Any Love- Ode To Luther (As In Vandross, Of Course)
  10. Loneliness: Or I Get Lonely Or Gigolos Get Lonely Too…Maybe…(Or Maybe Not) – Thank You, Janet Jackson And Morris Day
  11. It Was Right On The Tip Of My Tongue…Or Lucky Escape…
  12. Stay Free…(Thank You, Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson)
  13. Michael (Franks) Wrote It, Natalie (Cole) Sang It…And I Got Ways To Make You… (Aka I’m A Soulful Moaner….Sometimes)…And Response From Natalie…
  14. Nona (Hendryx) Sweats… Me? I Smoulder…(I Got Ways To Make You, Pt. 2)
  15. The ‘Ooo Papi’ Predicament…
  16. Response From Roberta, Pt. 2 – Go On With Your Sly (Stone) Self…
  17. Response To Roberta (As In Flack)…
  18. Wise Woman Of The River, I Thought You Knew!… My Dear Friend, Thelma Jones (And She Can S-A-A-N-G!)
  19. A Poem For Esther Phillips: She Sang The Blues Like She Lived It…And She Did. Live It That Is…And I Can Relate…
  20. Billie In Blue
  21. The Wonder Man (Musing On Stevie…)
  22. The Fire…As In Earth, Wind And….Have Mercy! Maurice White, A Life Changer…