More soul music…

SOULMUSIC RECORDS in association with PLATINUM GARAGE RECORDINGS is excited to present a second volume of SOULFUL SPLENDOR, an 11-track digital release follow up to the popular  first volume. The digital album is released on April 22, 2022 and available on all major digital platforms worldwide, distributed by Warner X.

SOULFUL SPLENDOR VOL. 2  includes some of the key tracks from the SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Recordings’ catalogue of digital releases including “Beautiful Possibility” by Ingram Street and “100%” by Terrell Edwards, both which were well received by UK soul music buyers.  Brand new tracks released for the first time include a wonderful pairing of Chubby Tavares & Brenda Lee Eager on the Temptations’ classic, “It’s Growing”; Gemia Burns with “Shine Forever”; and Kris Aubry with “I Can Count On You.”  Pharaoh’s Dream (ft. David Nathan) offers an acoustic version of the Curtis Mayfield classic, “The Makings Of You” while other standouts include the 2022 release, “The Shape Of Your Shadow” by Lady Coco, legendary group The Spinners with “Put The Romance Back,” the late Ali Woodson’s “And When We Touched,” the quiet storm favourite “Drowning In You” by Eugene Cole & Karyn White and award-winning producer/songwriter and artist in his own right, Preston Glass with “If Tonight Ain’t Right”.


All tracks, produced by Preston Glass
Track 3, co-produced by Ingram Street
Track 11, co-produced by David Nathan
Tracks 1, 2 & 6, written by Preston Glass and published by Platinum Garage (BMI)
Tracks 1, 2, 5, 8, all instruments: Preston Glas

1. Gemia Burns: Shine Forever
Lead & Background Vocals: Gemia Burns
Additional Background Vocals – Charity Lockhart

2. Ali Woodson: And Then We Touched

3. Ingram Street: Beautiful Possibility
Written By Preston Glass, Ron Tyson, Howard Ingram & Daniel Ingram
Published By Platinum Garage & Dajoye Music (BMI)
Lead & Background Vocals – Ingram Street
Acoustic/Nylon String Guitar – Brian Szuch

4. Chubby Tavares & Brenda Lee Eager: It’s Growing
Written By William “Smokey” Robinson & Warren “Pete” Moore
Published By Jobete Music Co., Inc. Admin By EMI (BMI)
Backing Vocals: Preston Glass
All Instruments & New Arrangement: Preston Glass

5. Terrell Edwards: 100%
Written By Preston Glass, Alan Glass, Terrell Edwards & Jason Nembhard
Published By Platinum Garage (BMI), Nia Music Limited/Peer Music (PRS/BMI), Sweet Corn Publishing (ASCAP) & Jason Nembhard (PRS)
Background Vocals – Tony Lindsay

6. The Spinners: Put The Romance Back
Published By Permanent Groove Music (BMI)
Lead Vocals – Henry Fambrough & John Edwards
Backing Vocals: The Spinners
All Instruments/Arrangement: Preston Glass

7. Eugene Cole & Karyn White: Drowning In You
Written By Eugene Cole & Preston Glass
Published By Platinum Garage (BMI) & Eugenious Music (ASCAP)
Lead Duet Vocals: Karyn White & Eugene Cole
Backing Vocals: Eugene Cole
Drums, Perc., Bass, Guitar & Keyboards: Preston Glass

8. Kris Aubry: I Can Count On You
Written By Bobbie Williams, Kris Aubry & Preston Glass
Published By Appling Music (BMI), Platinum Garage (BMI)
Lead Vocals & Background Vocals – Kris Aubry

9. Lady Coco: The Shape Of Your Shadow
Written By David Nathan & Preston Glass
Published By: ST Music LLC (PRS)/Platinum Garage (BMI)
Executive Producers: Lady Coco & Mike Morris For Cocomo Music
Arranged By Preston Glass & Lady Coco (With Rhythm N Black)
Background Vocals: Charlotte Pope & Kim Thomas
Keyboards: Chris Wilson
Additional Keyboards: Preston Glass
Drums: Lance Lee
Bass: Aaron Mason
Guitar: Blake Morris
Saxophone: Buddy Mcdaniel
Percussion: Munyungo Jackson

10. Preston Glass: If Tonight Ain’t Right
Written By Preston Glass & Loree Gold
Published By Platinum Garage (BMI) & Loran Music (ASCAP)
Lead Vocals & Background Vocals: Preston Glass
All Instruments & String Arrangement – Preston Glass

11. Pharaoh’s Dream (ft. David Nathan): The Makings Of You
Written By Curtis Mayfield
Published By Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp. (BMI)
Lead Vocals: David Nathan
Keyboards: Giovanna Imbesi
Saxophone: Craig Thomas

Executive Producers: David Nathan & Preston Glass
Engineered By: Preston Glass, Felix Cardonia, Ari Rios, Dave Luke, Joel Jaffe, Don Tittle
Studios – ‘The Hang’ Los Angeles, CA., Private Island Audio
Cover Art: Marc Blake
Special Thanks: Marc Blake, All The Artists, Gina Glass