Roberta Flack

Roberta Flack Reflects on Musical Activism in 50th Anniversary Reissue of 'First Take'

Reverend Jesse Jackson once described Roberta Flack as "socially relevant and politically unafraid." In a new interview with nonprofit organization AARP, Flack highlighted her take on musical activism and social issues of the past and present in the 50th anniversary reissue of 1969's First Take

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DAVID NATHAN'S DIARY OF A BRITISH SOUL MAN: Dateline: Los Angeles, February 14, 2020

…in advance of my 72nd birthday (February 15), I planned a trip to Los Angeles just after the Grammy Awards (not something I felt compelled to attend, having been to more than a few during my years living in the U.S., given that actually being at the event itself offers very little in the way of a great view unless