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DAVID NATHAN’S DIARY – December 9th, 2021: ARETHA – A Closer Look (Pt. 16): Somewhere-Alternate Version

December 7, 2021|Categories: David Nathan’s Diary|Tags: , , , , |

In compiling the career-spanning ARETHA 4CD box set, co-producer Patrick Milligan and I approached Aretha’s golden years at Atlantic intent on showcasing her approach to her recordings and her innate creativity. One track that exemplifies Aretha’s artistry is the extraordinary 1972 outtake of “Somewhere” (from the film “West Side Story”) and what better time to take a closer look at this Aretha gem with the December 2021 release of the remake of the movie itself…

CHIC: Classic Soul July 1979 Interview

December 7, 2021|Categories: Artist Spotlight, Classic Soul Interviews, David Nathan’s Diary, Features|Tags: , , , |

2021 Introduction: Exactly 43 years ago in December 1978, the group Chic were enjoying a No. 1 hit with “Le Freak.” 1979 turned out to be an even more triumphant year for the pioneering group and in July of that year, David Nathan spoke with Nile Rodgers as Chic were working on their then-untitled third album…

DAVID NATHAN’S DIARY – December 2nd, 2021: ARETHA – A Closer Look (Pt. 15): Bridge Over Troubled Water (Long Version)

November 30, 2021|Categories: David Nathan’s Diary|Tags: , , |

Putting together the career-spanning 4CD box set ARETHA with co-producer Patrick Milligan proved to be a daunting task, given just how many amazing recordings Aretha made over nearly sixty years! One of the highlights, undoubtedly is the long version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” which Aretha in her inimitable way made her own...

DAVID NATHAN’S DIARY – November 25, 2021: ARETHA – A Closer Look (Pt. 14): Til It’s Over & Oh Baby-1973 Demos

November 16, 2021|Categories: David Nathan’s Diary|

Culling the vast Atlantic tape vaults allows the opportunity to uncover all kinds of musical treasures and with an artist as prolific as Aretha Franklin, there are fortunately many soulful gems, such as a trio of 1973 demos, two of which – “Til It’s Over” and “Oh Baby” - Patrick Milligan and I as co-producers of the 4CD Rhino box set ARETHA included as rarities on Disc 3…

DAVID NATHAN’S DIARY – November 16, 2021: ARETHA – A Closer Look (Pt 13) – Spanish Harlem-Alternate Mix

November 16, 2021|Categories: David Nathan’s Diary|Tags: , , |

As one of Atlantic Records’ most prolific recording artists from 1967 to 1979, Aretha Franklin cut literally hundreds of tracks. Choosing selections for inclusion on the career-spanning 4CD box set ARETHA, released on Rhino in July 2021, was a daunting task: as co-producer of the project with Patrick Milligan, I opted for some alternate takes and mixes such as a version of Aretha’s 1971 hit, “Spanish Harlem” included on a tape box with the inscription, “Rough Mixes”…

DAVID NATHAN’S DIARY – November 11, 2021: ARETHA – A Closer Look (Pt 12): I’m In Love-Alternate Vocal

November 9, 2021|Categories: David Nathan’s Diary|Tags: , , |

Enjoying a deeper dive into the Atlantic vaults for the career-spanning 4CD Rhino box set ARETHA which I worked on diligently with Patrick Milligan, I’m uncovering the story behind the two versions of the Bobby Womack-penned, “I’m In Love,” (previously an Atlantic hit for Wilson Pickett) that Aretha recorded in April 1973 and the ‘mysterious’ alternate vocal that remained in the vaults for decades…

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