How can you be so close to your goal and still feel so far away from the finish line? Even when approaching the last laps of sweat equity associated with the “independent artist grind”, Efrem “LoveLogiq” Bryant (singer, poet, MC), has learned that you can neverever take your eye off the ball.  This multi-talented artist whose gift showed up as a mere 2-year-old toddler and who shared it throughout elementary, junior and high school, as well as at Loyola Marymount University, and USC. It was a gift that would not be denied.

After giving serious thought to quitting music entirely, the two-year, forced-confinement of the Pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise for this Los Angeles-bred, 10-year music veteran for this time frame allowed LoveLogiq to sit still and truly focus for a change, and re-gain clarity about his purpose and direction. He reconnected with old creative friends, took up amateur boxing, started the non-profit, and gained a new sense of peace via a Buddhist Monk monastery.

The spirit of creativity and diligence resulting from those experiences proved rewaring in the form of new confidence and a new album, with the first single appropriately titled ‘Inspiration.’ He describes it  as a record for anyone who might be feeling “stuck or fearful about the unknowns life throws our way”. In an industry that is constantly evolving—for better and for worse—LoveLogiq’s focus and commitment to purpose remains locked, stating, “I gotta finish my food and scrape the plate. No crumbs wasted!” And with the release of this forthcoming project (“Waves & Sunsets”), this talented artist appears determined to pave his own path.