SoulMusic Records-Digital is proud to present “Like Learning How To Fly,” the latest recording by Pharaoh’s Dream (ft, David Nathan) with special guest Jermaine Lockhart, written and produced by award-winning music man Preston Glass; distributed on major digital platforms worldwide by Warner X

Following in the mellow soulful style of 2021’s Pharaoh’s Dream releases, “Like Learning How To Fly” has a smooth’n’chill groove, enhanced by the magical flute stylings of renowned musician Jermaine Lockhart.

Written and produced by award-winning music man Preston Glass, the track has an empowering and inspirational lyrical message about pursuing dreams with a willingness to step into the unknown…

“Cherish the journey, while spreading your wings, once you conquer the sky, you’ll realize, the value…..Of such a little thing, such a precious thing, like the journey of learning how to fly… So don’t shy away, from venturing outside the comfort of your sky, open your heart to adventuring, like the art of learning how to fly…..

With Jermaine Lockhart (whose recordings for SoulMusic Records have included the acclaimed “The Sunshine Album”) as a special guest, “Like Learning How To Fly” continues the smooth jazz/quiet storm-flavoured releases, the 2021 track “Follow” (written by Gary Taylor), produced by Amar Naik of Zed Soul which features special guest renowned award-winning musician Najee; and the November 2021 release, “The ‘2021 Late At Night Regroove’  mix of the Philly Soul classic, “Children Of The Night” with special guests Will Downing and Najee, produced by Preston Glass & David Nathan,

The name ‘Pharaoh’s Dream’ is a reflection of David Nathan’s deep interest in the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, with such historical figures as Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tutankhamen, an interest inspired by a conversation on a 1975 flight with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire fame… Pharaoh’s Dream, ancient yet timeless..