With its timely and uplifting message, the insistent groove of “!00%” showcases the soulful style of vocalist and songwriter Terrell Edwards on this original composition, released through SoulMusic Records in association with Platinum Garage Recordings, distributed by Warner X…

Milawaukee, Wisconsin-native Terrell Edwards has been forging his path in the world of entertainment in recent years with the release of a series of digital singles and encouraged by famed US comedian/show host Jay Leno – for whom he has opened shows in Las Vegas – made the move to Los Angeles where he met award-winning producer/songwriter and musician Preston Glass.  With empowering lyrics that encourage a positive attitude to the challenges of 21st century life, the original composition “100%” turned out to be the perfect vehicle for Terrell’s vocal prowess when he teamed up with Preston and cut the song within hours of their first recording session. Upon release in September 2021, the track has gotten immediate  attention from SongBuzz  Check it out!



Video courtesy of CDBaby


Produced by Preston Glass

Lead Vocals: Terrell Edwards
All Instruments: Preston Glass
Background Vocals: Tony Lindsay

Written by Preston Glass, Alan Glass, Terrell Edwards & Jason Nembhard
Published by Platinum Garage (BMI), NIA Music Limited/Peer Music (PRS/BMI), Sweet Corn Publishing (ASCAP) and Jason Nembhard (PRS)

Recorded at  ‘the hang’ Los Angeles, CA & Private Island Audio, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by: Preston Glass, Felix Cardonia, Peter Vode

Cover Art: Roger Williams
Photography: Ray Watkins

Executive Producers: David Nathan & Preston Glass

Special Thanks from Preston Glass:  Rob Mullins, Christian Belnavis, Gina Glass

PHOTO: Jay Leno and Terrell Edwards