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PHILLY SOUL SELECT, VOL. 2 (SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Recordings/Warner X)

2022-02-15T17:10:44-05:00November 19, 2021|Categories: Digital Releases, SoulMusic Records|Tags: |

SOULMUSIC RECORDS in association with PLATINUM GARAGE RECORDINGS is proud to present a second volume of “PHILLY SOUL SELECT – A PRESTON GLASS PRODUCTION,” an 11-track digital release follow up to the popular January 2021 first volume. The album is released on November 19, 2021 and available on all major digital platforms worldwide, distributed by Warner X.

TERRELL EDWARDS: 100% (SoulMusic Records/Platinum Garage Recordings/Warner X)

2022-02-15T07:29:06-05:00September 17, 2021|Categories: Digital Releases, SoulMusic Records|Tags: , |

With its timely and uplifting message, the insistent groove of "!00%" showcases the soulful style of vocalist and songwriter Terrell Edwards on this original composition, released through SoulMusic Records in association with Platinum Garage Recordings, distributed by Warner X...

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